100 vaginas documentary movie by Laura Dodsworth’s. credit to Yahoo News.

So this documentary movie is brilliant you must say it’s an sex movie must watched by people to learn to understand.

In it the female volunteers was examining her photographs of their vulva’s.

“A pink cupcake.” “It’s all right.”

By female volunteers

If we talk about today’s generation there should be near about 60% of children between 11-15 have already seen pornography movies. While watching that type of movie they don’t have any idea about that these type of movies how gently or surgically altered.

So it’s an Awesome job by Dodsworth’s she either took photographs and interview too so how they feel about there vagina. The programme covers: puberty, menstruation, discharge, masturbation, trans-sexuality, pornography, rape, female genital mutilation infertility, miscarriage, childbirth, cervical cancer and the ageing process. Each topic is covered with a perfect combination of directness and compassion.

So in this documentary you will be see the realistic or you can say actual vagina different shape,colours and size too (6-12 cm) labia major and (2-11 cm) labia minor.

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