Facebook is currently running these campaigns in 42 languages with over 54 fact checking partners around the world. Facebook-owned Instagram users will also be able to report it. 

Facebook has launched a campaign for fake news and miss leading information on all three social media platforms. Facebook is currently running these campaigns in 42 languages with over 54 fact checking partners around the world.

Fake news or miss-leading information can also be reported through Facebook-owned photo sharing platform Instagram. According to Poynter’s report, from today, Instagram users will be able to report any kind of misinformation, fake news and miss leading information.

After Facebook, now wrong information will also be reported on Instagram

Photos and videos are shared on Instagram, a photo sharing platform launched almost 7 years ago. This social media app has become very popular. In such a situation, wrong information, fake news, misleading information are being uploaded through this platform too.

In such a situation, Facebook has announced a third party fact checking program to find out all these wrong information on Instagram. On this platform, in May 2019 itself, image detection tool was Troduce which will be able to curb any kind of misleading information, fake photos etc.

Facebook spokesman Stephanie Otway said that this was an initial step from the company to curb misleading information. Instagram is also doing scrutiny to curb misinformation with parent company Facbook. False information being spread on Instagram will be checked through a third party fact checking agency.

After this, after knowing about the wrong information, those information will be flagged, so that no user can forward such misinformation and find out what information is wrong and it is being spread on the platform. #instagram #fakenewsoninstagram

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