America’s company Apple has made itself self-reliant in the chip segment. According to the latest update, Apple company has bought Intel’s 5G modem business for $ 1 billion or about 7 thousand crore rupees.

Apple bought 5G modem business of Intex for 7 thousand crore

The rumors of this fact were coming for a long time but now it has been stamped. Under this deal, about 2200 employees of Intel will join the Apple company.

Together with its existing portfolio, Apple will have 17,000 wireless technologies patents, which will make Apple a strong player from cellular communications standards to modems.

Know details related to deal: Intel will have the right to develop non-smartphone applications like PCs, industrial equipment and self-driving cars after this deal. Let me tell you that modem chips helps to connect devices like iPhone to wireless data network.

But Apple has always trusted the outside suppliers for it. In the last one year, Intel has created itself as the only source of iPhone modem chips between the legal battle regarding Apple’s Qualcomm patent license.

Intel had got Apple-Qualcomm’s Surprise: In April, Apple and Qualcomm had taken a surprise decision that once again the Qualcomm modem chips were used for the iPhone. Within a few hours of this decision, Intel had announced the release of the smartphone modem business. It is Apple’s second biggest deal to be seen. Prior to that in 2014, the company bought the Beats Electronics Company for $ 3.2 billion.

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