Apple Watch Series 4 regularly monitors your heart throughout the day, so you can check your heart rate anytime and keep track of your heart’s performance. What’s more, if it detects unusually high or low heart rates, it alerts you — even when you don’t feel symptoms.

So rolling out Apple watch OS 5.1.2 update for Apple watch series 4.If ECG Apple will launch so it needs to get clearance in every other country where it plans to roll out the feature.

A crystal electrode at the back of the watch to read the heart’s electrical impulses from the wearer’s wrist. Heart rhythms are too fast or too slow to irregular heart rhythm app will be able to detect most cases of arrhythmia.

One important thing you must know the Apple Watch Series 4 is not a replacement for hospital tests for an ECG or a doctor’s prescribed test.

If there is heart rhythm problem finally doctor will diagnose it and you have to follow doctor instruction.

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