PUBG Mobile has become a very popular game today. Often people are seen playing PUBG in free time. In view of this popularity, the company has also introduced many new features and updates for its users.

At the same time, there are some users who play this game with the help of third party apps, which is a bad news for them.

The company has announced to take a major step to stop the game from cheating. Under which if you are found playing PUBG Mobile by cheating, then your ID will be banned for 10 years, not 1 or 2.

Bad news for PUBG Mobile Game users may be banned for 10 years

The company has taken this decision to prevent unauthorized third apps and hacking, after which users will not be able to violate the gaming standers. Apart from this, the company says that PUBG Mobile will have the option to complain about the cheating player.


The company will take strict action against the player who will be complaining and the names of the cheating players will be made public.

Beta version of PUBG Lite launches in South Asia and Latin America, Learn how to download

PUBG Mobile often issues solutions to its users to make them feel great gaming so that users do not face any problems during gaming. This is the reason why the company had banned more than 3,500 players only last month.

Just last month, PUBG Mobile rolled out a new 0.14.1 version update for the Lite version. Players can also access new Golden Woods maps with new updates. In which users will get updated challenge and new Battle Royal Experience.

By the way, PUBG Mobile Lite has been rolled out for Indian users a few months back. You can also play it easily in low end and low budget smartphones.

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