As you know if you talk about SRK movies then 

If we talk about the SRK movies, his dialogues and unique style makes us his fan.Whenever he have a new movie, his dialogues becomes famous before the movie, and that’s why he  called “King Khan” of Bollywood.

So let’s talk about “Zero” movie. Movie will released on 21.12.2018 but before he is being famous on twitter for his dialogues.

SRK also following his twitter account Bauua(@BauuaSingh)

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Thoda aashiq, thoda shayar, poora meeruthiya…Beta, main kuch bhi tweet karoonga. Meri marzi.

Bauua Twitter Account

Few Beautiful Dialogues from his twitter A/c:

Srk replied too.
HAHAHAHA!!!!!! How much funny he is.

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