The world’s second richest person and Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates is aware of this that it did not make Microsoft who was today Google’s Android. Bill Gates said in one of his statements

Bill Gate

“My biggest mistake was that my mismanagement did not allow Microsoft to become Android which is today.”

Bill Gates

He further said that Android was something that was easy for Microsoft to make.

Bill Gates is upset that he has given Google the opportunity to make Android.

These things have been said by Bill Gates in a recent interview given to a venture capital firm Village Global.

Actually there are currently two operating systems for mobile, including Android and iOS.

The world’s largest Android operating system is the only ones to run. Earlier, Microsoft had also introduced Nokia’s phone with a Windows system that lasted only till 2017.

It is worth noting that Google had bought Android for $ 50 million and today Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

More recently, Android’s 10th edition Android Q has been released which can be seen in many flagship phones by the end of this year.

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