How To Cook Chimichangas

Believe it or not, the cooked dish was born within the gorge state. in line with Tucson-based edifice El Charro, Their founder ischaemia Monica Flin was truth artificer of the chimichanga. “While sauteing her currently renowned El Charro boeuf tacos, she accidentally born a donkey into the frypan, and once the oil splashed up she […]

Soft Shell Crab Recipes

Soft-shell crab may be a cookery term for crabs that have recently molted their recent body covering and area unit still soft. Soft-shells area unit faraway from the water as before long as they molt to stop any hardening of their shell. This implies that just about the complete animal are often eaten , instead […]

Chili Cheese Toast Recipes

Chili cheese toast is a straightforward bread toast formula which might be ready in precisely five minutes and you may only want some of ingredients. These cheese toasts are nice for breakfast or as evening snacks. you’ll toast them either employing a pan or in Associate in Nursing kitchen appliance and that they become utterly […]

How To Make a Video Presentation With PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint it’s use for creating a presentation with animation,timing,narration and many more…… Therfore you can also create a game using hyperlink in PowerPoint. But, in today’s time it help many You-Tuber’s to earn money while creating a video with PowerPoint because you can create a slide with detail all animation,timing and narration each and […]

Calculate Age in Excel

In this tutorial i will guide you how to calculate your age from your date of birth or anyone whome you want to calculate. In excel there are different ways to calculate your age from your date of birth which are explained below There are many function but the best is “DATEDIF” Function. DATEDIF Function(startdate,enddate,unit) […]

How to Cook Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe.

Vegetable Spring Roll is so yummy. If you are a Roll’s lover and you never tried this one so i must suggest you to try Spring roll and it’s very quick to cook and serve too. Ingredients: For Wrappers: Maida – 3/4 cup Corn Flour – 1/4 cup Salt – 1 tsp Oil – 1 […]

How to cook Egg Roll.

If you are a Egg Roll lover and you want to cook at your home then you must see this video. Preparation Time : 30 minutes Serving-2 What you need: Ingredients: For Dough- All purpose flour(maida)-100 gm Cooking oil-2 tbsp Salt-1/3 tsp water For Roll- Egg-4 Green chilli(chopped)-2 Lemon juice-1 tsp Cucumber(chopped)-1/2 Onion(chopped)-1 Chilli sauce-1 […]

How can you create your Facebook password more strong.

When you creating your Facebook id or changing your password it’s always show message that please input strong password and it will beneficial for you also because it’s not easily traceable. So what you have to know to create strong password: The first thing is that you have to know that your password character at […]

How to Cook : Chocolate Coconut Cake without using eggs.

If you are a Chocolate Cake lover so you must try this one it’s so yummy. Ingredients: 6 INCH GREASED MOULD BUTTER – 1 TBSP OIL – 1 TBSP POWDER SUGAR – 2 TBSP CONDENSED MILK – 4 TBSP FLOUR – 4 TBPS COCO POWDER – 2 TBSP BAKING POWDER – 1/2 TSP BAKING SODA […]