‘Magic’ of Microsoft’s 3D hologram, the user’s clone will speak in any language in the same exact voice

Microsoft recently launched a special 3D hologram, which has surprised people. This hologram not only creates a real clone…

Story of America’s Mission Moon was negative, even today the questions surrounding Apollo 11!

Apollo 11 false this mission, critics have come to say that America did all this in a studio. The question arises that the picture in which the flag of America was placed…

Vivo launched 120w super flashcharge 4000mah battery in 13 minutes.

China’s smartphone maker Vivo has announced the world’s fastest charger. Vivo has launched a 120-watt charger, and the company claims that the 4000 mAh battery will be fully charged in just 13 minutes. Please tell that before this, Shawmi has introduced 100-watt Super Charge Turbo Technology with the help of which 4000 mAh battery can […]

YouTube continuously deleting more than 90 Million hatred videos.

The Google-owned online video streaming site YouTube has taken a big decision about content that promotes hatred and hate. YouTube is deleting a video that is spreading hatred on its platform. This information is given by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. In a statement, he said that in the last quarter, the company has removed more […]