Is your data safe? Our data is not safe anywhere in today’s time. Not only this, in today’s time, there is only one thing about the highest data security at the global level. Government organizations across the world are taking big steps to secure the data. Is it easy to secure whole data in the time of Internet of Things?

google chrome using too much memory

You probably never thought that extensions of Google Chrome and Firefox could leak data of several million users, but it happened.

Data from millions of users with Chrome and Firefox extensions leaked to the company named Nacho analytics. Nacho Analytics gives unlimited access to any website’s Analytics data.

What’s in this data?

All information is present in the data. It contains all the sensitivity information from browsing history to tax returns, medical records, credit card information, business documents, presentation slides and public domain.

The extensions that we use to block eds have been used to steal consumer data through Chrome and Firefox.

What is the cost of our data?

According to a report by cybercity researcher Sam, the data is bought from 10 $ to 50 $. According to the report, 8 browser extensions leaked personal data.

In this data, information about vehicle identification, recently purchased vehicle details, buyer’s name and address etc. was inevitable.

What are browser extensions?

Extensions help us to run and install any function. Google and Firefox have said that these extensions have been disabled and it is no longer available for download. So, the people who are downloading extensions in their system can leak their data?

No. It’s not like that. Your information may leak even when you have not downloaded an extension. You share your information with these people, maybe those people have downloaded the extension on their computer, so your data is not even secured. It is said that no one’s data is safe.

What is Nacho Analytics?

It is a web analytics provider, which provides real-time web analytics information for any website to anyone’s account.

In addition, the company charges monthly $ 49 from every domain. This amount takes up the top 5000 most searched traffic websites.

What should consumers do now?

According to experts, Consumers should uninstall and delete all the browser extensions present in their system.

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