Easy Recipes to Make Half Egg Fry

Necessary Ingredients :

  1. Egg – 01.,
  2. Oil – 1 Teaspoon
  3. Red Chilli powder – As per taste
  4. Black-pepper Powder – As per taste
  5. Salt – according to taste

First heat a non stick pan for Half Fry Egg Recipe Half Fry Egg Recipe in Hindi. When the pan is heated, add oil in it and rotate the pan and spread the oil all around.
When the oil is hot, on top of the pan with the help of a knife, break the egg with a light hand and pour all the ingredients inside it into the pan. After that, put the peel in the dustbin.

Now add red pepper, black pepper and salt in a pinch and spread it over the egg equally and allow the eggs to be squeezed for 2 to 3 minutes. After this, remove the egg from the serving plate with the help of cloves.

Take your half-frying recipe as a complimentary compliment. Now your delicious half-fry egg Half Fry Anda is ready. Serve it with bread toast or parathas and enjoy yourself too.

Egg Half Fry Recipe | Sunny Side Up Eggs

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