What is Facebook Pixel?

Today’s time it’s an Digital Media time where you have to not contact your newspaper or local people for advertising your Business/Education etc..

After Digital Media come in market you have to just provide your ad detail which type of organisation you are and pay little bit and your ad running on social sites.

But then also you are not achieving your goal or you didn’t get your targeted audience.

After seeing this problem Facebook introduce “Facebook Pixel”.

Let’s Start our topic:

What is Facebook Pixel and how it’s work?

Facebook Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript which allows you to track a visitor activity to your own website. Facebook pixel load a small library of functions so you can use whenever a site visitor takes an action so you can track.

After tracked conversion appear in FB Ads Manager in Facebook Analytics DB, so now you can use of them to define custom audiences for ad , dynamic ads campaigns.

What you need to activate Facebook Pixel:

  • Your website’s code base
  • Your pixel’s base code or its ID
  • Facebook Ads Manager

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