Facebook released face recognition for everyone, but removed this special feature

Facebook Face Recognition

The world’s largest social media company Facebook has released the facial recognition feature for all users, although the company has removed the tagging feature from it. Facebook introduced this face recognition feature only last year.

Actually, Facebook released the facial recognition feature last year under the name of Photo Review. This feature used to identify your face and alert you.

For example, suppose someone uploaded your photo to Facebook and did not tag you, then Facebook sent you a notification telling you whether you want to allow the photo to be uploaded or not.

At the same time, Facebook has said that it will no longer offer ‘tag’ suggestions.

Instead he will work more on facial recognition (face recognition technique). However, the company has not removed this feature. If you want, you can turn it off and on by going to Settings.

After it is turned on, if someone uploads your photo on Facebook, then you will get a notification.

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