The Viral Fever (TVF) set the screen on fire with love. The fire was such that everyone remembered his coaching love. This is going to happen once again. Flames Season 2 is set to release on 18 October. Rajat and Ishita’s chemistry is once again going to spoil the equations of Bio and Math.

Flames Season 2: Love will be seen again on screen, Love Luffa and organically

Timeliners have announced a date for the new season of Flames. On this, the Timeliners tweeted from their official Twitter account and said, ‘Let’s take out our notebooks and put a date.

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Flame season 2 will be released on TVF Play and MX Player on 18 October. ‘ Let us know that earlier series coming on TVF have also been released on MX Player as well. Series like Gullak and Amateur are examples of this.

Earlier, the first season of the Flames garnered a lot of buzz. The story of its first season is about two coaching students. In this web series, first love is told in detail. There is also a love of momos in it, so ride behind Scooty.


There is also a lot of love in it. This time the story will be shown next to coaching in this series. However, no announcement has been made about its characters.

Gaurav (Shivam), Anusha (Sunakshi) and Kaushal (Dipesh Jagdish) did a great job in the last season apart from Rajat (Ritvik), Ishita (Tanya). Hopefully this time it will be seen. However, Gaurav, Anusha and Kaushal were not seen in the video of the new shows in May.

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At the same time, the Timeliners have not even released any teaser or trailer yet. It will be a matter of seeing which new characters enter and who is not seen this time.

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