Free Pass Challenges

  • 10 or more on different carnival clown boards (0/3)
  • 30 seconds of airtime in a vehicle (0/30)
  • Consume mushrooms (0/5) – Hard

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage to opponent structures with dynamite (0/10,000)
  • Rocket or grenade launcher eliminations (0/3) – Hard
  • Deal damage to players with a clinger, stink bomb or grenade (0/300)
  • Deal damage with grenades to opponents (0/100) – Hard

How to deal damage to opponent structures with dynamite

Toughest part of this challenge will probably be finding the dynamite to begin with,its should be pretty quick.It was made for Food Fight mode, because it’s the perfect way to tear down the enemies base to get at that mascot and after it will be easy to get 10K points damage.

Consume Mushrooms

It doesn’t really matter which game mode you play as long as you can find mushrooms. The challenge is little easier compare to last week challenge “eating apple” because if you are hurt then you can eat apple. So house east and pleasant park of south it’s where you can find tons of mushrooms around the area.

How to get a score more than 10 different carnival clown boards

When you start Fortnite game balloons will inflate in different holes on the board and you need to pop them quickly then move on to the next in an effort to get 10 in a row. But it’s quite hard to play because while you stand there anyone can just pick off you. If you want to complete challenge you have to visit 3 different locations.

Airtime in a vehicle for 30 Seconds

If you play in group mode as ex. food fight grabbing your vehicle of choice.You got beneifit of purple volcanoes will launch you and your vehicle high in the air but you take care of 30 seconds may be it’s not take that time. So you can do it to take jumps in all your vehicle over the week.

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