Google recently acquired one of the pioneers in the wearable market, Fitbit, for $2.1 billion. This raises issues numerous issues regarding personal data, anti-competition, and the state of wearable health startups.


It’s means that now US tech giant Google also entering in wearable device competitive with Samsung and Apple.

“We have designed a trustworthy brand around the globe we have 28 Million satisfy users who rely on our products to live a active and healthier life” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit.

Why Google purchased Fitbit?

As we knows about Google that they make software for other wearable manufacturers but like Apple Samsung Google dosen’t sell a device of its own. Now this deal while buying Fibit it will be a profitable invest.

Google in Fitness tracking business

After buying Fitbit around $2.1 Billion now google also entered in fitness tracking business like Apple and Samsung. So, you can say that now Google is ready for direct competition with Apple and Samsung.

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But there is one important thing that is our privacy (fitness-data) secure or not.

Privacy still is an issue

If we talk about anything our first priority is our data privacy how much we are secure or if am buying any product we believe that our data is secure but nowadays after Facebook data scandal it’s hard to believe anyone. On the other hand Google’s took pledge it wont share health data for ads they said Fitbit data secure promise will be continuing.

Example: Like you are using a smart wearable devices and they have a GPS in it while you enable you are walking or moving anywhere you stop at any theater house then it can display a ads of nearly theater houses.

Fitbit’s next steps

As we know about Fitbit always update there devices so they are expanding there partnerships with most of the health companies. Companies held some policies that who will share there data thay they will give free fitbit to participants.

If we talk about last year Fitbit hold 4th position in global shipments of digital watches according to research firm IDC.

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Chinese company Xiaomi hold 1st position, Apple hold 2nd, again Chinese company Huawei hold 3rd, Fitbit hold 4th and Samsung come last 5th position.

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