You must have read and heard about one of the precious pets more than one. Some of their specialties make them precious. Today we are going to tell you about the world’s most expensive animal, whose price can not be estimated. At the price of this horse you can buy a luxurious bungalow, car and more.

The name of this horse is Green Monkey, which is the American Race Horse. The ability to run and beauty makes it special. Because of this, its name is by far the record of being the world’s most expensive animal.

It is said that when he ran in the race for the first time, he had completed the eighth of a mile in 9.8 seconds. However, once he was seriously injured, he could not run again at such a speed.

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The price of Green Monkey is $ 16 million, which is more than Rs 11 crore in Indian currency. So far, no other animal has been worth more than this. Although Green Monkey was killed in July 2018

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