If you thinking that a reading a books anyone can be hacker, you are wrong because there is nothing like that.

Ex: Like a small child how he learn her mother tongue on daily basis practice he learn like that there are lots of practice day by day they learn.

There are 4 types of people trying to hack:

Noob: This type of hackers use tool (but it’s doesn’t work).

Beginner: This type of hackers try social engineering tricks like Phishing , spyware and doing practice “How to Google”

Intermediate: This type of hackers they have view base idea about hacking how it works and know the fundamental of security and networking. Few idea of pen testing and setting virtual lab like Kali Linux. So while they got stuck they get help from social media they act like professional but they are not they are kiddies they know little bit programming that’s it.

Expert: At last this type of hackers first learn Advanced Penetration-Testing and working with malware and developing Trojan-Horse.

Black hat hackers they are professorial and baddas too they learn evil things by teaming up with fellow black hat hackers for a purpose to perform DDoS and building bots.

Summary: Real Hackers find answers to their puzzle . Hacking is not about answers but the path to find answers and they explore .

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