If we talk about how much money we can earn from app so it’s limitless it will be Million or Billions of dollars. Next thing is most of app earn and most of not. So you must need to know which type of app you should create to earn.

iOS App: In market 25% of iOS Developers earning $5000 or more per month while creating apps but while 16% of Android developer also earning same revenue.

Developer Supercell have their “Clash of Clans” generating $1,118,457 per day in revenue.

King Digital Entertainment’s “Candy Crush” earns $884,676 per day through in app purchases.

Mainly most of the games are free but while playing they make limit after you have to purchase few things from there source.

For Ex:- Joke app is another simple app that earned $150,000 within one month. Next it GUI app Widgets its also got success it earn $1M.


So if we talk in summary is that Apps are next generation most of smart tv and watches are coming in market so this sector is booming day by day and it will huge too so if you choose this sector to earn you will get your dreams come true but one thing remember as i always says to you your Apps should be better from another few extra things then it will make your dreams come true. First think what you want to create and why people go with your apps because there are lots of app similarly like yours once.

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