Now day’s working are so fast that while we doing work. Anyone don’t want to walk or go anywhere while working like if you are working on PC there is a PC right behind you so then you also want that the screen of that monitors appears on your desktop so you can work and no need to move. There is a lots of software some are free and some are chargeable.

But, you don’t have to install any software you can do with your Google Chrome.

You have to just go on

Step 1 :

Type there Chrome Remote Desktop and install after installed. Open it remember one thing that you have to open Here you will see all your Computers list select one of them whom you want to connect.

Step 2:

After selecting your pc it will show you a code generated by chrome remote desktop. You have to insert this code.

Step 3:

This type of box will appear you that system whom you want to take on remote desktop. So, you have to just insert that code on that PC and press connect button.

Step 4:

After clicking on connect button if everything will be ok then you will see this type of screen means your remote desktop screen will be appear.

Step 5:

So, Finally now you are connected now you can do anything what you need to that on PC and you have to not move at-all. The best part is that you have to not install any type of remote desktop software also.

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