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If you are a using Instagram and you want to connect your Facebook page and use Instagram business tool. The first thing your business profile should be connected to a Facebook Page you manage and you can change and add a Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Profile from the Instagram App.

What you need to Begin :

  • First your account should be converted on Instagram Business Profile.
  • Second one you must be an Admin of that page whom you want to connect.

Let’s Add Facebook page to your Instagram:

Now to add or change your Facebook Page to your Instagram profile you have to do following things:

Step 1 :

You have to go to your profile.

Step 2 :

From there select edit profile.

Step 3 :

There you will see Business Information from there select Page.

Step 4 :

Now choose a page from your pages that you would like to connect or select “Create a New Facebook Page.”

Now your profile has been connected but then also you can’t see then remember what i said before you have to be an admin of that page. Don’t worry just check your page setting provide proper permission then you must see it.

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