If you are not a developer and you want to create a Android App then there is a lot of online platform where you can design and create without coding just as an GUI interface. So now online platform building Android Apps will help you design your mobile application just follow the step and you will create a new Android App without any coding skill.

Right now Android holding almost 50% of mobile application market so just think if you create a App and insert ad and if it is useful app then just think you can earn Millions from it. You have to Develop an Android app thinking about what customer needs.

Why you will choose Android?

Android way will certainly turn your fortune around. Explained below are some of the reasons why you should choose to build an Android app:

Open Source

It’s open source platform Android has comparatively low entry barriers, thus allowing you to develop apps easily at lower prices.

Customizable User Interface

User interface plays a major role in the success of an app, and when it comes to Android apps, their highly customizable user interface makes it easy for app owners to manage them and deliver enhanced user experience.

Low barriers to entry

You need to pay a one-time $25 registration fee for a Google Play Developer Console account to distribute your Android app globally.

Easy App Approval Process

Publishing an app on Google Play is a simple undertaking. With flexible submission policies, and quick approval process, you can make your Android app available to the world with great ease.

Multi-Network Distribution

Apart from Google Play Store, Android apps can also be distributed through third-party app stores, helping you create a great impact and reach out to a wider audience.

You can create App for personal use and Business use both but remember if you will create a App while knowing Customer needs then you will earn more from it.

You want to create just Click Here to create App

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