Change Your Diet:

If we talk about how to decrease waist size so first thing come in our mind is exercise if we do it will decrease it. But you are wrong Food matters because if your diet is unhealthy then it will decrease your waist you have to focus on healthy diet to reduce calorie.So if we are talking about to reduce calories so here some foods which can help you out.

  • If you eat whole grain it will hep you out more compare to fruit or vegetables. Fruits have sugar so while eating fruit you will unable to reach your goal.
  • You want to loose your weight your pound of weight have to burn 3500 calories. So you must listen your trainer don’t ever try to eat fatty foods.

Don’t Eat larger one:

Mostly when we are in diet we take gap more between eating so when food come to front we eat much more than necessary. Smart dieters never eat in large amount they eat in smaller part means they dont eat food in 3 times they eat in 6 time or more.

  • If you eat less but in frequent way so you don’t feel hungry and it will help you out in burning calories.
  • So as i say above divide your food routine in 6-7 meals a day. You don’t feel hungry soon so it will help you in weight-loss program.

Don’t Eat Junk Food Start your day with Healthy Food:

A good breakfast always help you to fuller for longer and help you to burn more calories throughout the day.

  • Always try to eat a combination of filling wholegrain cereals and breads, protein-rich eggs and high-vitamin fruits for the perfect balanced breakfast.
  • Always try to drink a glass of water before breakfast as this prevents your body from confusing thirst with hunger, which help  you eating more than you need and it helps to keep you hydrated, which is always important.

Be Committed to your Regular Exercises:

If you are serious that you have to trim your waist then go for it because its need regularity,hard work and dedication. You think that while doing normal exercise you will achieve your goal so my friend you are wrong.

  • While starting your exercise please update your diary daily by daily it will help you check your progress.
  • First few days you will face few problem after workout but don’t discourage after few days it will be a part of your life.

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