Today’s time Bikini shape is trending in Girls very much so if you are interested in Bikini shape so you have to sacrifice from few things and you have to do exercise and get focused on your aim. So here are few step if you will follow you will achieve your goal.

Burn Calories :

We eat lots of things the easiest way to get rid from fat you have to burn more calories lots of stuff you have to do if you will burn more calories you will get it easily. Daily you have to burn 500 Calories.

  • If you will run or walk 4 miles it will burn 400 Calories.

Stop Junk Food :

Junk Food as you know as the name it is a “Junk” for body because in these foods there are more and more calories not an healthy thinks so if you cutt of these foods from you list like Soda, desserts so you will get your target easily.

Eat Carbs and Protein :

If you follow your carbs and protein chart you will get your Bikini shape because 40% of calories from protein like chicken,fish,peanut 40% come from carbs like potatoes,brown rice and last come from eggs,nuts etc.

Drink Plenty of water :

Daily you have to drink near about 3-4 Liters a day so it will help you to reduce fat and give a shine skin.

Weigh Weekly yourself :

Before starting your exercise day or Bikini days you should first prefer to Weigh yourself took your measurement so while you going your exercise you will noticed how much you loose your body fat.

Take a Pic :

Mostly you saw on your social sites people post there before and after pics. It’s an good idea it will help out you how much you improved in your goal. So just take a before pic so after doing exercise you can compare yourself in a week or thrice a day. You will be also satisfied from your workout and you will know how hard you have to go.

Buy your dreamy Bikini :

This is the best way to measure yourself. Just do your exercise unless you not got fit in your dreamy Bikini. So you will be cleared also how much you have to loose.

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