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How to hide any Files or Folders without using any software.

If you want to hide any type of files and folder most of the people download software for doing this type of events. But there is an option named “CMD” while using this you can hide anything or un-hide and it’s very secure also no one can track it.

First of all you have to go to:

  • Start Menu or press win+r
  • After then on search option type cmd.
  • While cmd option appears left click on “Run as Administrator”.
It will look like this.

After than which file or folder you want to hide just type as shown in below pic.

Also Read Keyboard Shortcut Keys

You have to just open any folder you want with cd command.

Ex: I have a folder name New Folder then type cd New Folder press enter after that type attrib +h /s/d/. That’s it.


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