Don’t buy subscribers or views from anyone!

I have tested this. It will ruin your channel and make it hard to recover from the damage.

People selling subscribers and views are scammers! The accounts will eventually get deleted by Youtube and your subscriber count will go down!!!

Youtube doesn’t even care how many subscribers you have at this point. In fact, if you buy subscribers, it will change the dynamics of how viewers watch your channel. Suddenly, Youtube will think your channel is a gaming channel and suggest your videos to people who are not interested or fake accounts that will eventually get deleted.

What Everyone will told you:

  • Upload consistently.
  • Share on social media.
  • Make good Thumbnail.

What they don’t Tell you:

If you want More Subscribers and watch time Bad Content is Popular but remember one things it’s violate YouTube rules and regulation so may be your uploading will be blocked by YouTube.

At now everyone creating good thumbnails so try something different from others.

If you think that search optimisation with titles tags and descriptions will give you more view you are wrong. There is a option suggested Video by YouTube please use that one.

How to get increase your Views:

Upload consistently but at a pace that works for you.

Make each video count! Uploading for the sake of content or to provide consistent content can actually hurt your rankings.

If YouTube isn’t promoting your videos, you need to prove them wrong and get out there on the internet and share anyway you can.

Don’t worry about subscribers, they come naturally with views. It is a snowball effect. The more views, the more subscribers, even more

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