People mostly search how to get rid from face weight if i say frankly it will be sad part because there is no exercise for single body part to loose weight and if any one claiming you that there is than he is lying it’s not so easy to do so.

If you want to loose you have to exercise and follow strict healthy diet.

First thing you have to drink much water as you can because you know as well that drinking more water it will play a good role to loose your weight and make your skin more glow.

Now, second part most of the trainer said “if you want to loose your face weight than you should do some exercise like cardio play best role to do so because it’s burn fat fast.”

Third part, you should cut off your Alcohol because doing that you skin get swollen. So if you are addicted so it will be quite tough for you.

Fourth and last, “Facial Exercise” it’s most important part because there are so many muscles on face so while doing this exercise you will get rid from facial weight but remember all the points too above i mentioned.

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