MS PowerPoint it’s use for creating a presentation with animation,timing,narration and many more…… Therfore you can also create a game using hyperlink in PowerPoint.

But, in today’s time it help many You-Tuber’s to earn money while creating a video with PowerPoint because you can create a slide with detail all animation,timing and narration each and every detail.

Don’t need any type of software to doing this thing. So, let’s start the procedure to create a video with slideshow:

First you have to Open PowerPoint. Just press win+r and type powerpnt press enter.


Select any one of the slide you want

I have selected a Blank Presentation for creating my slideshow

Then create your slideshow on which topic you want to create then add effects, design, animation, narration what you want apply all things.

Then go to File Menu

Then click on save button.

Then click on computer after select an option from right side where you want to save your Slideshow.

Like shown as an image below

Then go to File again and click on Export option.

After than select there Create a Video option.

There you will see an option come on right side which type of you want to select.

Here you will get three type of option to create a video :

  • Computer & HD Displays (1280×720) stand for 4K Videos for large monitor.
  • Computer & HD Displays (852×480) stand for HD Videos for large monitor.
  • Computer & HD Displays (424×240) stand for Normal Videos like mobile or tablet.

Select any of them which you are comfortable but the best one is 1280x720Px for YouTubers.

After click on below option which is for Record Timings and Narrations.

So from now user can Record Timings and Narration or if you recorded then you can preview also before creating video so you can modify it.

Then click on Create Video option for creating a video.

After then two types of video format you will see there:

  • .mp4: This will support any type of media player.
  • .wmv : This will support only in Window Media Player.

Is this Article helpful for you!!!!!!!!!

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