While using WhatsApp and you are facing a problem while receiving WhatsApp notifications on Web browser then remember few things to “Turn on Notifications” and “Unblock Notifications”.

To turn on notifications :

  • Click Turn on desktop notifications in the blue banner at the top of the chat list.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and click Allow.

If you don’t see the blue banner then refresh the page. After then also still don’t see the banner you may have muted or turned off notifications from WhatsApp settings. Please check your settings.

To unblock notifications :

In Safari, go to Preferences > Notifications.
If https://web.whatsapp.com is set to Deny, change it to Allow.
Click Notification Preferences then click Do Not Disturb and make sure it is turned off.
In the same window, select Safari from the menu on the left. Make sure that the Safari alert style is set to Banners or Alerts.

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