When whatsapp had announced that now users can delete their sent messages to friend within 7 minutes billion of users got happy. But still their is suspense if you open your whatsapp and you saw that a message is there but it is deleted now your curiosity got increased that “what was that” why it’s deleted

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So now get ready to read that message Just follow few steps which is mentioned below :-

  1. Download and install Notification app from play store.
  2. After installation just open the Notification app and allow “administrator access”.
  3. After doing second step app now record each notification in your mobile.
  4. So open your notification app and tap on  whatsapp to see all notification.
  5. Now you have to do simple thing just search the contact name whom you want to see deleted message.

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  1. App can store only 100 character of the messages.
  2. Messages will be deleted while you restart your phone.


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