Today’s time if you are a blogger or you-tuber or just an Facebook page owner everyone just need a more viewers on internet to earn money or share there innovative ideas to everyone so if we talk about social sites there are lots of social sites but while talking INSTAGRAM it’s get increased day by day.Today there are 500-M viewers daily online on INSTAGRAM.

What you need to share your things on INSTAGRAM?

You will need an image with a minimum pixel size 640px x 640px. Or you can take screenshot also.

Words while sharing your things on INSTAGRAM A/c word is very important because it bound anyone to see what’s your content is it.

After doing above things now most important things just share you link on your INSTAGRAM post you can use to shorten your link because may be it very long also.

Include in your description #newblogpost or [link in profile] to let your Instagram friends know that they can read your blog post. Don’t forget to add your blog post link in your profile.

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