Image How to Understand a girl and make them fallen with you?
How to Understand a girl and make them fallen with you?

Girls are very sensitive Remember always:

If we talk about girls the first point you have to always remember that girls are very sensitive and emotional it might be girl hormonal i-am not sure but the thing is that usually you noticed they cry when they sick or angry or more happy so it’s hard to find when they gonna to happy or sad or angry it’s totally depend on their mood which of your word make them happy or feel special you have to just to do while they sad or happy just hold their hand to make her feel you are there for her hug her when she feel sad. This idea not work for all of them.

Girls always try to look special:

Second thing you must understand that girls always try to look special or something different that’s why they took lots of time to be ready for party or anywhere this thing you have to understand. Don’t criticise them on their looks if you don’t like it then also compliment them it will be positive part for your side.

Girls are much mature then a boy:

In a research they found girls are more mature then boys (2-3 years). So don’t ever think to impress a girl with any type of adult jokes or waste type of things. Slowly slowly they will avoid you.

Remembers there Love-able things:

Girls always love to be remembered by you means is if she told you her about hobbies or clothes color or flower which she love most on any special occasion you give her it will make her feel special that you noticed her.


Don’t ever try to give them advise if they don’t ask you if they share her feelings with you show that you are always there for her because if she sharing any things with you and you give her advise then she will think that you are noticing her problem (she is not important for you). If you advise her mainly it may be there will be a gap in your relationships.

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