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Instagram: Now you can share your stories with your close friends also.

Now, on Instagram you can share your stories with your close friends.

How to create close friends list?

To create a close friend list in Instagram you have to just open it. After that Tap in the bottom right form there -> just tap in the top right then tap close friends and from here you have to just do next to the people whom you want to select in your close friends list and after selection done then just tap on done.

You can update your list and remove people at any time. People won’t be notified when you add or remove them from your list.

How to share a story with you close friends ?

To do this operation you have to just tap on Instagram then select any one of the stories you want to share or you like someone content just on bottom there 3 button showing like comments and share you have to tap share once and then a screen will appear with whom you want to share with means you want to put on your stories or share with close friends you have to select close friends and you done.

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