Intel Unveils revolutionary way to Make 3D Chips

Various elements of a modern CPU into individual, stackable “chiplets.” Intel’s big goal for late 2019 is to offer products built on what it calls Foveros 3D stacking: an industry-first implementation of stacked processing components inside a chip. We’ve already seen stacked memory; now, Intel is doing something similar with the CPU, allowing its designers to essentially drop in extra processing muscle atop an already assembled chip die.The debut Foveros product sounds intriguing: it’ll be a 10 nano meter compute element on a base die that’s typically used in low-power devices.

Sunny Cove will be at the heart of Intel’s next-generation Core and Xeon processors in the latter half of next year, and Intel makes some general promises about it improving latency and allowing more operations to be executed in parallel.OXYGEN SUPPLY CHARGES

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