Iron Man movie introduced in 2008 it’s an Marvel Comics Character (MCU).

You will be shocked that this movie is in development since 1990 at Universal Pictures after then 20th Century Fox after New Line so lots of there then it went to Marvel Studios.

Interesting fact is that at that time actors are free to create their own dialogue.

Iron Man film grossed over $585 million on its $140 million budget, becoming the eighth-highest grossing film of 2008.

This Movie received two nominations at the 81st Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects in sequels Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

After watching an Iron Man movie me and my friends being fan of MCU characters specially Tony Stark as he act in Avengers too.

At last Tony Stark (Iron Man) we saw him in Avengers End Game movie when he click his thumb Thanos and his team disappears but he died that scene OMG me and my friends gone cry that we love this character so much.

At last you can see Iron Man in Spiderman Far away home.

I think that Iron Man (Tony Stark) is most love-st character in MCU who loved by whole world.

We miss you 100000 times Iron man.

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