‘Magic’ of Microsoft’s 3D hologram, the user’s clone will speak in any language in the same exact voice

Microsoft recently launched a special 3D hologram, which has surprised people. This hologram not only creates a real clone of the user (user), but can speak in every language of the world only in the voice of the user.

Indeed, Microsoft has created a human-size AI operated ‘hologram’. It can lift the user’s exact voice and speak in every language of the world.

In the past, Microsoft executives Julia White presented a hologram demo in Las Vegas. The hologram showed the voice of Julia in English, speaking in Japanese.

Julia said it was difficult to give a speech to them all over the world. Especially where he goes, it is even more difficult to talk in the local language.

In this case, a huge problem of language has been solved with this hologram. Julia’s presentation showed that her hologram could speak Japanese in her voice, while she did not have to speak Japanese

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