Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, Rachel Weisz, Nicole Kidman, Regina King and Kathryn Hahn all star publication latest cover’s.

Roundtable interview, the actresses opened up about the major influences on their career, life choices they have made and how Hollywood has changed amid the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

Weisz spoke candidly on the issue of actresses being asked to play ‘strong woman characters’ in the hope of ticking feminism off the agenda.

The 48-year-old told the magazine: “I have a real problem with the idea of ‘strong women characters’. Well, does that mean we have muscles or something? No one ever says that to a man.”

“But [I want] young girls growing up [to] see stories being told where a woman takes a central role. Where she is not peripheral to the story. She’s driving the story, and so, you as a kid can go, ‘Oh, that’s me. I can identify’.”

Meanwhile Regina King spoke about the role she would love to play in the future.

“A Joan of Arc-type character,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “Someone in history that wasn’t black but I thought was a pretty amazing woman… wouldn’t it be fantastic if I did play Joan of Arc?”

Unsurprisingly, the cover has taken social media by storm as Twitter users took to the digital platform to praise the shoot:

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