In new Firefox Quantum browser it will give you control on blocking trackers and protecting your privacy too.

What’s New in Quantum?

  • New engine with powerful that’s built for rapid-fire performance.
  • Better faster page loading that uses less computer memory.
  • Smart Features with Gorgeous design for Intelligent Browsing.
  • “Faster and even more minimalist, Firefox Quantum makes Chrome look old.” — (Digital Trends)

Firefox Quantum is 2x Faster :

Firefox Quantum is 2x Faster compare Google chrome. As before Firefox work so smooth now it’s again come backed.

Less Memory Usage :

Now this version compare to Google chrome 3x lighter so it will take come space so your another program can run smoother.

Smooth browsing :

While opening lots of Tabs it’s come problem to switching between of them but in Quantum Firefox now you can switch smoothly may you open more than 100 tabs.

More Tracking Secure Private Browsing :

Private Browsing

Firefox blocks online trackers while you browse and won’t remember your history after you’re done.

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Tracking Protection

Some ads have hidden trackers that follow you online. Rude. We know. That’s why our powerful tool stops them cold.

Faster Page Loading

By blocking some ads and scripts that bog down browsing, pages load up to 44% faster. Now that’s a win-win.

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