Next Gen: Smart Stroller now it will be ease to go anywhere for Mom’s.

Next gen Stroller “Smartbe” it can move by its own meaning parents can run and do whatever want to do. It will be helpful for new babies mummy because while holding stroller they can’t do exercise on morning walk or while shopping can’t hold bags or buy few things.

What is “SMARTBE” ?

If we talk about new generation then Smartbe is the first intelligent baby stroller. Basic concept of SMARTBE is provide new levels of child safety and comfort never before imagined. Most important part it’s fulfils with all safety guidelines by US & European safety Regulations and it’s not possibility of without using electricity and leading edge mobile technology.

There is an electric engine it will push the stroller while you running or walking.
Connected mobile and stroller.
Stroller always keep within safe reach between guardian and child while you got distracted also.

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