PUBG Mobile India Series Today is the last day for registering. The most important part is there is no hidden cost and if your squad will win you will get Rs 1Cr.

For this just open your browser then you just register your Name Character-id email-id and password for login and mobile number.

Where you will get character id?o

Open your pubg then just tap on right-top where Level shown then just a screen open showing your name and Id there just put it.

After doing this all thing then login and just join squad or create squad. So if you are creating squad id then tell your friend or your friend have then send him request.

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After joining it will show like this.

Only 15 Erangel classic Match ?

You have to play 10 Classic Erangel map from 21 and January 27. Out of the first 15 matches, your best 10 matches will be considered towards the final result.

2000 team only will go in play-off.

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