While playing in PUBG when you start game you always think to be a “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” but while picking wrong gun or less knowledge of gun you can’t achieve your goal. Few people think they will hide behind trees and from others players at last he will attack but he caught and get killed. So if you are playing PUBG don’t ever try to stay anywhere above 1 min it’s dangerous and if you  are playing in group be in group don’t try to leave them but accidentally in group few times we get insane people. 

Sanhock Weapons

QBZ95 (5.56 Ammo) :

QBZ 95

In the PUBG new map QBZ is remarkably similar to the SCAR-L in same amount damage but QBZ95 take much longer time to reload but its slightly higher rate of fire.The QBZ95 chambers a 5.56mm round that deals 43 damage per hit and carries 30 rounds in a standard magazine.

AWM (5 Ammo) :


Crate with the AWM, meaning it’s a free pass for long range domination. It’s also flexible enough to support other short range scopes and has a rocket-like bullet velocity that means almost no bullet drop. It even sounds incredible too, with a meaty boom that resonates with each bullet fired.

M416 (5.56)


Awsomwe gun in sanhock M416 its very easy to use and awesome damage. It’s a brilliant performer that doesn’t do anything fancy and simply gets the job done no matter what situation

Groza (7.62mm Ammo)


It can only be found in Air Drops.This makes it by far the most powerful Assault Rifle in the game by quite some margin, assuming you’re within range of your target.It’s took reload of 3 seconds.It is therefore advised to not empty the entire magazine, however its rate of fire in a firefight may make this rather difficult, so the next best option would be checking that the area around is secure enough to warrant a fresh magazine in the gun.

Assault Rifles :

Beryl M762  (7.62 Ammo) :

Beryl M762

Unlike the AKM, the M762 can take grip attachments, allowing you to alleviate some of the recoil if you have the loot.Its rate of fire is much higher, closer to that of the formidable Groza, so the M762 is actually much more deadly if you connect a few shots.

AKM (7.62 Ammo) :


The AKM can only accept a muzzle, magazine, and sight attachment. Stick to semi-automatic fire for medium- and long-range engagements as the recoil will prove too difficult to manage. Given its ability to kill armoured targets with five shots we recommend in the right hands.

Mk47 Mutant (7.62 Ammo) :


The Mutant also boasts both upper and lower rails so you can outfit it with a bevy of attachments that extend its effective reach. The Mutant deals the same per bullet damage as the AKM. Just don’t rely on in it close-quarters as most fully automatic weapons will outstrip it in terms of damage per second.

AUG A3 (5.56 Ammo) :


At present the AUG A3 can only be found in airdrop crates, so getting your hands on one is pretty difficult. It is also one of the more versatile PUBG weapons when it comes to attachments and can be fitted with most sights, a variety of muzzle attachments, extended and quickdraw magazines, and grips.


Mini 14 (5.56 Ammo) :


Mini 14 very slow rate of fire but bullet velocity better even than that of the AWM. That means bullet travel time is good and low drop. It’s technically classified as a sniper rifle and so can be fitted with a variety of scope

SKS (7.62 Ammo) :


SKS is an assualt rifle without compromising your rate of fire. You can also find the SKS on map. This rifle it is easily one of the best long-range guns in the game.

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