Qualcomm and Lenovo reveal the primary Snapdragon-powered 5G Laptop.

Qualcomm declared throughout its Computex news conference these days that it’ll launch the primary Snapdragon-powered 5G computer with Lenovo.

The 2 corporations describe the computer, known as Project Limitless, as “the world’s 1st 7nm platform purposeful for PCs that provides 5G property.”

Qualcomm and Lenovo unveil the primary Snapdragon-powered 5G computer at Computex in Taipei.

The portable computer runs on Qualcomm’s flower 8cx work out Platform, that is meant to support each 5G and 4G connections, combines the Qualcomm Adreno 680 GPU with the Qualcomm Kryo 495 C.P.U. and features a battery.

That Qualcomm claims will last for many days per charge. The platform uses the flower X55 5G electronic equipment, that has transfer speeds of up to two.5 Gbps.

Project Limitless’ unharness date and evaluation haven’t been unconcealed nonetheless.

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