Something exciting for the (Sapna Babul ka) bidaai lovers as it’s my turn to return the love I got. Recreating bidaai’s Track for u all , dedicated to all the bride to be ,as this season I see a lot of marriages taking place ❤️ Super fun Track is on its way for u all with

She posted on her Instagram A/c

After that fan started Trolling her someone said allergy hogayi hai some one said “What wrong with your lips”.

After she posted I’m loving it and laughing at it. The haters can got to any extent to get the attention and I’m used to trolling there is news coming up that my lip surgery has gone wrong. I just want to share that my lip surgery has got completely amazingly done and i love it myself so much it is not a lip surgery.So the people who are saying its lip surgery are wrong. It’s a lip filler. I want to educate people that there’s a difference between filler and surgery. From my debut show to till now. I have only done one thing which is to my lips that just now.Apart from that i have groomed myself. But there been no surgery.

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