Saumya Tandon (Anita Bhabhi) Fame “Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai” Announced She Is Pregnant

Saumya Tandon on Tuesday announced that she is pregnant with her first child. Saumya essays the role of Anita Bhabhi, also known as “Gori Mem” in show Anita posted a photograph of herself and said she woke up feeling like a “superhero without a cape” and it a “fascinating ride” in an Instagram post.

“Woke up feeling like a magician, feel like a superhero without a cape most days now, filled with blessing and godliness. Constantly excited by the buzzing in my head and the sudden pump of hormones. This promises to be a fascinating ride. The big news — I’m pregnant and trying to soak in every moment of it! Need your best wishes throughout,” she wrote on her instagram.

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