At starting Simmba transferred to Miramar Goa as a crooked officer. When he reached there he first promise Dhruva (Sonu Sood) not interfere in his business what he do he also help him in his drug running.After he fall in love with Shagun (Sara Ali Khan) she is a lunch supplier in police station.

Simmba Movie Direceted By Rohit Shetty we know about his direction how much he balanced with action,thriller and obvious stories on second hand Ranveer Singh such a great actor and Sara Ali Khan’s second movie on the right hand Singham’s entry make you joyfully in this movie.

If you seen a trailer there is a seen of Ajay Devgan’s Singham entry made no one surprise lot of action dialogues.

Ranveer’s second big movie on this year after Padmaavat and if you remember Khilji then just imagine how the role of Simmba As a police role.

He play’s a corrupt officer role after few circumstances he changed himself on second hand Sonu Sood (Villain) also play a nice role awesome dialogues by him.

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