Our devices have also become smarter in this era of technology and artificial intelligence. Today the trend of smart TV and smart home appliances has increased significantly. Apart from the big cities, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are also increasingly becoming smart TV and smart home devices.

As much as these smart devices make our work easier, the risk of leaking personal information from these devices also remains. If you also use or are going to use these devices, then this news can alert you.

Recently, the technology researchers have revealed that smart TV and smart home devices are sharing personal information of users such as location etc. to the third party.

Due to the increasing trend of consumer devices, personal information of users is reaching the big marketing companies, who are using these information of the users.

Researchers at North-Eastern University and Imperial College of London found that these devices connected to the Internet were leaking users’ data.

These devices also include TV streaming devices including smart TVs, smart home devices. Researchers claim that users using all TV devices are accessing information from Netflix, while no device has a Netflix account configured.

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Researchers have prepared this report after testing 81 devices in the US and UK. According to the Financial Times report, Google, Facebook and Amazon these days are keeping an eye out for any kind of user information leaking from such devices.

However, the amount of loss that users have suffered due to this data leaks has not been disclosed. In such a situation, if you also use such smart devices, then go to Settings and turn off the location so that your information does not reach the third party.

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