Sony mainly known for sound quality and sony introduced a MHC-V71D and it’s powerful sound in every corner of the party and light up the night with 360° party lights. Then drum along to all your favourite tracks with Taiko mode, and even go head-to-head with friends to see who’s got the best rhythm.

360 Degree Party light :

This speaker has 360° party light an authentic nightclub or festival atmosphere. So while this feature it’s an awesome feeling you have on your party.

360 party light.

Taiko mode :

In this speakers on top you have bongo, djembe, surdo and the Japanese Taiko drum, just by tapping the top panel.

Unleash your inner pop star:

In this speaker there is two mic inputs so you and your guest have entertained you can ad guitar and mic both make entertained yourself and your guest. Distorted guitar sound and Bass for your bass guitar.

You can be your DJ too :

So if you want to be your party DJ so just Tap on top there is spin on one simple move. So it will be fun for you and gesture control lets you take charge of all your party features having all DJ effects. So you can there flick left and right to skip tracks and up or down to manage the volume.

Cost :

Rs. 41,9901/-

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