Instagram users will get more control over their data

Through this feature, users will be able to control their personal information more than before. This feature is about the personal information that we share with any third party through the app. Instagram user will control on their data

Instagram: Now you can share your stories with your close friends also.

Now, on Instagram you can share your stories with your close friends. How to create close friends list? To create a close friend list in Instagram you have to just open it. After that Tap in the bottom right form there -> just tap in the top right then tap close friends and from here […]

How to share you blog post on Instagram?

Today’s time if you are a blogger or you-tuber or just an Facebook page owner everyone just need a more viewers on internet to earn money or share there innovative ideas to everyone so if we talk about social sites there are lots of social sites but while talking INSTAGRAM it’s get increased day by […]