Over time, the world of intoxicants is changing too. Flavor hookahs, cigarettes, hemp and charas are becoming commonplace. Such drug users among themselves around the world have their own separate swan. If the expensive drug addict thinks himself as a very cool person! But intoxicants … then it is addiction. There are some people who can not afford expensive narcotics, they have discovered new dimensions. These days, the young sanitary pads of Indonesia are boiling and drinking and drinking. Meaning, the sanitary pads are intoxicants.

It’s extremely dangerous, this drug:-

To take this deadly intoxication, the Indonesian youth boil the first sanitary feeds in water and then drink water. After that they are in different world. One person says that after making intoxicating the sanitary pest, Happens in the world and feels like a flyer.

Sanitary pans are worn by garbage:-

Sanitary pans are worn by garbage.

National Narcotics Agency’s Senior Commander Suprineta told Stratus News, “It is a waste of powders used by young garbage. After that they boiled in hot water and after cooling it is said that the sanitary pad has sodium polychrite, which is a liquid padarath

‘The cheap way to be drunk'”-

According to the situational report, City Hikmavatti, a member of the Indonesia Child Protection Commission (KPAI), says that it is a cheap way to get intoxication of people who can not buy alcohol and other drugs.

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