“Tragedy King’s”(Dilip Kumar) 96th Birthday will celebrate with his close friends and family

DILIP KUMAR turns 96 !he debuted in ‘Jwar Bhata’ (1944) & featured in 60+ films.

So it was a small gathering. Saab cut the cake few minutes ago. I guess all the flash irritated him big time. May Allah bless Dilip Saab with a longgggg and healthyyyyy life

Dilip ji Tweeted….

“Saab has never wanted to celebrate birthdays. The last birthday we celebrated as a big event was his 89th birthday, which was in 2011 and of course, saab enjoyed that. Dilip Saab is not a big fan of celebrating birthdays.

Faisal Farooqui told IANS

“He is recuperating in such a way that he does not need any hospitalisation now. He is at home and has a restricted diet, which is taken care of by Saira Banuji said by Farooqui (family friend)

Many of them friends wish him Birthday on Twitter

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